Cycle Touring England Thursday 6th April. Wareham to Brockenhurst. 39 miles.

What a lovely day again.

Studland peninsula
Studland peninsula

I didn’t leave Wareham until gone 9 o’clock this morning as I knew I didn’t have far to go today. Plus I wanted to pay my camp fee for the night, or rather they caught me before I left! Which to be honest I was glad of, because I’ve had a couple of free nights there and I always feel guilty. Although I now wish I never saw the owner! Not because of the paying, that was only £8, more because of what he was telling me! They’ve decided to make the campsite a minimum of a four night stay, they want to get away from people just staying for one or two nights as they want to make it into more of a static caravan park! Which I fully understand from his point of view but not from mine! Might have to find another campsite down there or just sneak in late and leave early before I’m spotted!

Cottage at Studland
Chocolate box cottage

Not really cycled that much today as i’ve just been pootling along playing the tourist!

Corfe Castle
Cottages in Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle

After leaving Wareham I went to Corfe Castle, just to take some photos!

Studland peninsula
Studland peninsula

Next was Poole and Bournemouth where I discovered that you can now cycle along the seafront for nearly 8 miles!

Mountain goats along the seafront at Boscombe!

Finally I had a steady ride through the New Forest to Brockenhurst.

New Forest ponies
New Forest ponies

 Nearly all day apart from cycling along on the seafront I’ve had the lovely sweet smell of gorse, which smells a lot like coconut!

Gorse bush
Sweet smelling gorse bushes along the side of the road

4 Replies to “Cycle Touring England Thursday 6th April. Wareham to Brockenhurst. 39 miles.”

  1. Garry, I so enjoyed both your writing and the pictures that showed our romantic idea of the beauty of England. They made me feel calm because of the beauty.

    1. The backs good thanks. Lovely to see and also smell the gorse! I’ve crossed the Juras once before in 2010, maybe I will return one day.

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