Thursday 8th November 2012 – Baiyin to Xringrenbu.

Baiyin to Xringrenbu. 80 miles.

I was really unsure as to whether to carry on or go back to Lanzhou this morning! After looking at the maps last night there really didn’t seem a lot ahead in the form of towns and also snow is forecast!

In the end I decided to carry on and just see what happens, if I have to camp I have to camp, I’ll just have to put all my layers on, also if I went back to Lanzhou it would feel like I’d given up, I can always get a train to Beijing a further on, I hope!

Got stopped by the police as I was going through one of the toll booths, I knew why they stopped me but I just kept smiling and pretending I didn’t know why they stopped me and just kept asking about a hotel. Eventually they lead me off the motorway to the office building, where I was expecting to find somebody that spoke English and at the very least get a telling off! But instead I was shown into the bosses office and got given some tea and told to rest. I think it was there way of getting me off the motorway without actually telling me off! After half an hour of sort of communicating I asked if I could go to the hotel which was 8km away. They let me go but showed me the way off the motorway.

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