Thursday 9th April. St Malo to Genets. 64 miles.

Got talking to an an old boy last night called Mahlcom who was 84 he’s from the Isle of Wight and is cycling to Nantes on his 65 year old bike! He’s doing it purely because he’s never been there! He said if he does 20 miles a day he’ll be more than happy! Good on him hope he makes it, it was really nice talking to him. It was a very smooth crossing last night possible the smoothest I’ve ever had although I really didn’t sleep that well the room was just too hot but if I turned the air conditioning up it was too loud and also kept me awake, suppose I should have opened the window!! Arrived in St Malo on time at 8.15 although by the time I got off the boat and through customs it was getting on for 9 o’clock. Really nice ride today I’ve even managed to make a decision all on my own as to which direction I’m heading in! I’ve decided to follow the coastline the same as I did on my first long distance ride Bilbao to Bognor. Went and saw Le Mont Saint Michel this morning which is always nice to see, although I didn’t go right up to it as they seem to be doing a lot of building work on the causeway leading up to it so there was a lot of dust! Found a nice little campsite tonight, it only cost me €9.50! Although I was wondering if I would find one that was open as I’ve passed a lot today that were still closed. Found pitching the tent really hard going because of my back so not going to cook there’s a little restaurant on the site so I’ll eat there.

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