Tour of Ireland Photos July 2019

Photographs taken by Garry on his 1300 mile bicycle tour of Ireland.

Garry started his tour by cycling up through England and Wales, before crossing into Ireland.

After catching the ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare, Garry followed the coastline, firstly cycling the southern coast, before heading up the west coast.

Completing his ride of the south and west coasts of Ireland, Garry crossed into Northern Ireland. After Northern Ireland, Garry headed south to Dublin.

Once in Dublin, Garry caught the ferry back to Wales, this time arriving in Holyhead.

Following national cycle routes, Garry cycled the picturesque North coast of Wales before crossing back into England.

Once in England, Garry continued to follow the national cycle network to Chester. After taking some photos of Chester, Garry headed south back to his home in Bognor Regis, using a variety of cycle routes, canal paths and roads.

As per normal Garry took plenty of photos all the way around, which you can see on Garry’s Flickr page, click on any picture below to view.

Ireland July 2019
Wales July 2019
England July 2019

2 Replies to “Tour of Ireland Photos July 2019”

  1. Lovely photos! You’re like Andy Murray getting back on the circuit. Surely they’re going to fix your hip soon. I can’t get over them not taking your bike on the ferry.

    1. Thanks Malcolm, still no news on my hip, but hopefully soon!
      They done me a favour really, had they taken my bike on the ferry, I wouldn’t have found that cycle route along the North Wales coast!

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