Travelsonabike2 America This Day 21st-June-2012

This week’s Travelsonabike2 bicycle touring on this day post comes from America on the 21st-June-2012, and I’m in a rather alarming situation when I become America’s most wanted!

Thursday, 21st June 2012, Lebanon to Union City. 103 miles.

I’ve been on another detour today and ended the day by being America’s most wanted! It’s been a good day of cycling, and I’ve picked my way through the roads fairly easily today. There was only one detour today. I only had twelve miles to cycle when the road was closed due to another bridge being out. What’s the problem with bridges around here? Are they all falling down?

The detour wasn’t too bad, although it took me in a completely different direction. I would have cycled back to my route tonight had this motel not popped up in Union City. Incidentally, Union City is split in two by the Indiana-Ohio border. It runs straight through the middle of town.

A person standing outside a building next to a bicycle
A friendly motel owner from a few days ago who was keen on me taking his photo

After a quick shower, I went out in search of food and found a little Mexican café that, for once, wasn’t part of a chain. I had a “Super Barretto,” which was very filling. And eating somewhere that wasn’t part of a chain made a pleasant change.

Hands Up!

After supper, I returned to the motel and was just settling in for the evening when there was a knock on the doo. I opened the door. There were two police officers, one in a car and one on the doorstep. “step out of the room, sir,” he shouted at me. “is something wrong?” I replied, “Step out of the room, sir! What’s your name? he barked with one hand on his gun. “Garry”, “Garry, what?” “McGivern” “did you hear a loud noise?” I said I had heard something ten or fifteen minutes ago but thought it was the wind.

Then his radio went off, with despatch saying it’s not him. He then jumped into his police car, and he and the other policeman sped off down the road in their police cars. And that was it. Not, sorry for disturbing you, nothing. I later found out that a stranger had shot someone from the town. And being from out of town myself, I was the prime suspect!

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