Travelsonabike2 America This Day 5th-July-2012

This week’s Travelsonabike2 bicycle touring post on this day comes from America on the 5th-July-2012, and I’m in the USA playing the tourist in New York City.

Thursday, 5th July 2012. In New York City.

Another day of playing the tourist in New York, and first thing today, we went to ground zero where the Twin Towers once stood. Before the terrorist attacks in 2001. In the footprint of each tower is a deep dark hole with water cascading down the sides. Around which are all the names of everybody that lost their lives on September 9th, 2001, in the terror attacks. What an incredibly moving and emotional place. And unsurprisingly, there were loads of security checks to get in.

A memorial with names on the ground
Ground Zero Monument

I went shopping after ground zero while the ladies ate lunch. When I got knocked off my bike, the ambulance paramedics cut off my pants. They had wanted to cut my shorts off, but they relented after pleading with them that they were all I had to wear. (I have been washing my other pair every day. Honest!)

We went for a walk around Central Park this afternoon; it’s huge. It seemed rather strange that there was such a place in the middle of all these concrete and steel high-rise buildings. After Central Park, we walked down 5th Avenue into Trump Towers, with its gold foyer. We visited some museum, which I never took too much notice of, and called into the Rockefeller Center.

In the evening, we went to Serendipity, a café/restaurant famed for its desserts and has been around for sixty years. Apparently, the seats we sat in were once sat in by Marilyn Munroe and Jackie Onassis. Whatever! Their desserts were lovely, though.

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