Travelsonabike2 Australia This Day 3rd-May-2012

This week’s Travelsonabike2 bicycle touring on this day post comes from Australia on the 3rd-May-2012. And I’ve only got two days left of my ride across the world from the UK.

Thursday 3rd May 2012 Maclean to Brunswick Heads. 77 miles.

It may sound shocking, but I prefer staying in motels to pubs! Pubs aren’t any cheaper, and generally, you have to unload the bike and leave it somewhere away from your room. There’s no unloading in a motel. I get to wheel the bike into my room. And in the morning I can just leave when I want. This morning, I had to wait ages for somebody to come and unlock the room where I’d stored my bike. Although after saying all that, pubs do have a bar!!

Some sort of lizard I found on my balcony this morning

I met a young lad from Holland this morning. He was in Australia backpacking, although not at the moment. He’s taken a break from backpacking and is cycling from Melbourne to Cannes. I rode with him for an hour or so but left him when he stopped for a break.

I’m back in a motel tonight, although it’s a little odd. The motel’s owner, an elderly lady, has hundreds of small aviaries scattered around the place, and there are only one or two birds in each one. She’s also rather abrupt. I decided to get a haircut tonight; I thought I’d best look pretty for my cousins on Saturday.

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There are only two days left until I finish, so please don’t forget the main reason behind my ride: raising as much money for cancer research charities as possible. You can donate to Cancer Research UK or the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation. Click on either one to donate. Even the smallest donation helps and is gratefully received.

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