Travelsonabike2 Bognor Regis 30th-October-2022

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 bike ride to Bognor Regis, Sunday, 30th-October-2022. Brighstone to Bognor Regis. 49 miles. Late start this morning, not that it mattered as I was only coming home.

It was a rough night, with the wind howling around the tent. Although because I was in my Hilleberg, I wasn’t worried. It’s rock steady in high winds.

Boat water pier
Wotton Creek

The clocks went back an hour last night, but I still woke up at my normal time of five-thirty, which was now four-thirty. I did debate getting up. But as I was only going home and knew it wasn’t far, I decided to wait until it was light. Which maybe I shouldn’t have as it then started to rain! And I had to pack the tent away wet.

The ride home was fast. The wind, as forecast, changed direction and blew me home. Even though I had the wind behind me yesterday and today, I’ve still felt pretty strong with my cycling, and I’m wondering if I should attempt another tour.

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