Travelsonabike2 China This Day 17th-November-2012

This week’s Travelsonabike2 on this day post comes from China on the 17th-November-2012. And I’m nearing the end of my ride around the world.

Saturday, 17th-November-2012, Shijiazhuang to Baoding. 91 miles.

What a flat ride today; I can’t actually believe how flat it’s been. I don’t think I came across one hill in the 91 miles I cycled today. However, the road surface hasn’t been that good in places. And there was a couple of times when it was so bad that I thought I was back in Kazakhstan.

As I went along today, I met a cycling club, not the lycra-clad ones. Although one or two wore lycra, but thankfully, they were covered by long coats. They were a little overweight. I’m assuming they were a cycling club, as they all wore the same branded clothing, which I’m not sure whether it was their club name or maybe it was a sponsor. Although, I’d be surprised if they were sponsored. They seemed more like a fun ride club.

People by bicycles
The friendly Chinese cycle club

We chatted for a while in the usual non-conversation manner, them not understanding me and me not understanding them. But it was still enjoyable, and there were plenty of photographs taken. They also presented me with a flag, which I assume has their club name on. A fun ten or fifteen minutes.

An Entertaining Evening

The poor waitress in tonight’s restaurant had a bad evening, which, apparently, was all my fault. First, she overfilled my glass several times, spilling my beer all over the table, and she only stopped when another waitress pointed out that it was overflowing. Then, on the last occasion, she went to put the bottle on the table, which she completely missed, and the bottle fell to the floor, smashing everywhere. She then managed to put her foot on it, which went through her shoe, but thankfully not enough to cut her. After everything was cleared up, the head waitress came over and said that the waitress was over-excited to see me!?!

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