Travelsonabike2 England This Day 14th-June-2021

This week’s Travelsonabike2 bicycle touring on this day post comes from England on the 14th-June-2021. I’m in the UK, and it’s my first trip away after the Covid-19 lockdown was eased. I think restrictions had already been eased for caravans for a few weeks, but this was the first week you could go camping if you didn’t have your own facilities.

Tuesday 14th June 2021, Bognor Regis to Brockenhurst. 64 miles.

After 18 months of sitting at home, I’ve finally made it away! Well, not quite, but you know what I mean. I’ve been thinking of going away for the last few weeks, as I said in May’s update. But what with one thing and another, I never made it, but hey, I’m away now, so it doesn’t matter.

I’ve not got a plan as to where I’m going; I’ll think about that overnight. I’ve only got a week anyway. As I’ve got a hospital appointment next Monday, I also don’t think I want to be away over the weekend. From what I can gather and from what I thought, the campsites are ramed. But we’ll see how the week goes.

Cobweb on a bag
Cobwebs from lack of use. Let’s hope we don’t get to see any more

The ride down to the New Forest was good. It was nice to be out cycling somewhere and not have to go home. Although I’d be lying if I said it was an easy ride, it wasn’t. With 18 months off the bike, I could certainly feel it. Hopefully, I’ll get my legs back after another day or two of cycling.

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