Travelsonabike2 England Thursday 2nd-May-2024

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is bicycle touring England on Thursday, 2nd-May-2024. Still in Brockenhurst. What was I saying about the noise of the rain on the tent yesterday keeping me awake? Well, it was rather loud, but that wasn’t my problem. I had more of an issue with the rising water.

I don’t know whether I slept through a lot of the storm because it didn’t seem that bad to me. But then, when I did wake up, I remembered the start of a puddle outside my tent door when it was raining last night before I went to bed. I thought I’d better lift the groundsheet so the puddle would go underneath. Haha, too late. The outer tent was under two to three inches of water. And my inner tent was floating on water. It was like being on a water bed.

Somebody call the coastguard
That’ll Teach You

After realising how much water there was in my tent, I quickly gathered everything together. I’ve become very lacks and lazy lately. Ever since I was blown away in a tornado in 2008, I’ve always made sure everything is ready to go, just in case. I’d even had a conversation with one of the wardens about how I pack everything away each night, literally just before the rain started last night. How stupid did I look this morning? Still, there was no harm done, and it was only the outer tent that got wet.

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