Travelsonabike2 France Friday 7th-June-2024

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is bicycle touring France on Friday, the 7th-June-2024. Veules-Les-Roses to Le Treport. 41 miles. Things didn’t get off to the best of starts this morning.

Firstly, I fell over trying to get out of the tent. And in the process, I knocked over my camp stove, which had a pot of hot water that had just boiled. Luckily, it fell onto the grass with only a small amount going into the tent. And none of it on me.

Next, as I was taking the tent down, I just couldn’t stop tripping over the guy ropes. I must have tripped over a dozen times. Who knows how or why? It’s not as if I’ve never taken a tent down before. And it’s not as if the guy ropes are in a different place. Then, finally, before I left camp, I just dropped my cup of coffee. No reason I just dropped it.

The Newhaven to Dieppe ferry. I’m not going on it this time
Time To Leave Or Maybe Not

As I left camp, I debated whether or not I should stay. After all, things hadn’t gotten off to the best of starts. And if that was a sign of how today was going to progress, I’d just as well stay put. But I needn’t have worried; nothing else went wrong. Not until I reach Dieppe, that is.

I stopped to take some photos of Dieppe Chateau. As I was taking the photos, I could feel my peddle on my calf and without any explanation, I moved, and the pedal sliced into my leg. The blood was pouring. Luckily, I had a plaster to hand, and after pressing on the cut with a tissue for a minute or two, I got the plaster on, not before leaving a puddle of blood on the road.

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