Travelsonabike2 Friday 21st-July-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Europe Friday, 21st-July-2023. Attigny, France to Virton, Belgium. 55 miles. The day started well, I was cycling along the Canal De Ardennes. The same canal path I finished my day on yesterday. I didn’t need to be on there as it was a long way around to reach Vouziers. But I thought it was a good way to start the day, as it was. Apart from the rain that I had.

It was teeming with wildlife, along the canal. I saw herons and kingfishers. Loads of bees gathering the nectar on the wildflowers. A beaver sitting on a log. Until l got my camera out that was. And a puss cat hiding in the grass.

Once I’d reached Vouziers it was time to hit the main roads. I’ve had enough phaffing around trying to follow an app. I’m sticking with the roads that I can see on the map. (the map that covers the whole of France, Luxembourg and much of Belgium that is!) Hence why it’s main road cycling for me.

Church in Buzancy

All was going well until I reached Montmedy. I then reverted to my app for some reason. I wished I hadn’t it sent me along a valley that ended in a dead end. It then sent me back along the other side of the valley. And there were some ridiculously steep hills to negotiate along the way. I’d had enough by then. And once I’d found my way back to the main road I gave up. And found a campsite.

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