Travelsonabike2 Friday 28th-July-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Europe Friday, 28th-July-2023. Achtmaal to Aalsmeerderbrug. Google’s playing hard to get again today and won’t give me today’s mileage. But I’d say around the 60 to 70 mark.

Things didn’t get off to the best of starts. Every morning starts with a cup of coffee and today was no different. I got my coffee out, grabbed a spoonful and was just about to put it in the cup when I spotted something brown in the bottom. I initially thought it was mould (it’d have to have grown quickly, I only used the cup yesterday) but on closer examination, I saw it was a slug. He’d obviously decided to bed down there for the night. So glad I spotted it.

I must have slept really well last night. I didn’t wake up until 5.30. Normally I’m awake an hour before that. But whether I slept well or not I’ve felt pretty tired all day. And I’m struggling to stay awake to write today’s blog. And I don’t think I’ll sleep too well tonight. Schiphol Airport is only down the road and we’re right on its flight path. There’s a plane taking off nearly every minute!

Church in Etten-Leur

No rain this morning so I packed up and hit the road. It looked as if was going to rain all day. But it stayed dry. I’ve been cycling next to busy motorways or canals for the majority of the day. And could have made Amsterdam easily. But then I’d have the trouble of finding a hotel. So it was easier to stop where I have. I think Amsterdam is about another 10 miles, which ill do early tomorrow while it’s quiet. Although I think rain is due again.

I’ve been surprised by the number of thatched houses there have been today. There have been plenty on my route as well as windmills.

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