Travelsonabike2 Monday 24th-July-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Europe Monday, 24th-July-2023. Nassogne to Overijse. 61 miles so my mate Google tells me. It still won’t tell me how many miles yesterday though. Perhaps it thinks I’ll be upset when I see how little it was.

Well, it’s been another miserable day. But that’s enough about me! Of course, I’m not miserable, I’m just my normal grumpy self, so all is good. No, the weather has been a right pain with heavy showers all day. But at least for the most part, the wind has been behind me.

Are You Self Harming

I’ve had a great day on the injury front. Five cuts and two bruises! And that’s with me trying to be careful. Luckily I’ve got some antiseptic spray, so I give all the cuts a good spray. We don’t want any infections. Especially as it was this time five years ago that I was in hospital with sepsis.

Speaking of infections, not that I’ve got one. But my cut from the New Forest hasn’t healed yet and is still open. That’s how I’ve got the antiseptic spray. I went to see a pharmacist last week, in Rethel who thought it might get infected if I didn’t look after it. So along with the spray, I’ve got loads of dressings that I have to change every night. I’ll get it checked out when I get home. I might have to have a couple of stitches in it.

Medical supplies from the pharmacy

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