Travelsonabike2 Monday 3rd-July-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the UK Monday, 3rd-July-2023. In Bathford and Bimbling around Bath. 13 miles. No rush to get up today, I wasn’t meeting my cousins until 2 o’clock and Bath is only about three miles away, from my campsite. Which is just as well. It was a bit of a sleepless night. On one side of the campsite, there’s a railway line, the other a busy road. And I also seem to be on the main flight path for Bristol International Airport! I hope tonight’s not going to be as bad I want to get back to cycling.

Being the impatient bugger that I am I left early for Bath and had a bimble around. Well, I remember why I didn’t explore the place the last time I came this way. There are one or two rather big hills, which even today on an unloaded bike were hard work.

What a motley-looking bunch of people

It was an enjoyable afternoon and good to catch up with the rest of the family. Some of whom I’d not seen for several years. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the road cycling tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure what way I’m going to go home, or if I do head home! We’ll see in the morning.

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