Travelsonabike2 Netherlands Friday 14th-June-2024

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is bicycle touring in the Netherlands on Friday, the 14th-June-2024. Ellemeet to Hook of Holland. 37 miles. It’s been a wet and windy day. But luckily, the wind has been behind me, blowing me along.

I was unsure last night if I was going to get the ferry back today or not. But then, when I saw the weather this morning, I decided I’d just as well. And after talking to the lady at the ferry check-in, I think it was the right move. She said it’s meant to rain all day tomorrow.

Rain In The Night

It started to rain at about midnight last night. And I think it was on and off throughout the night. But luckily, when it was time to get up, it had stopped. And it remained dry for the first couple of hours. Then it was that very fine rain. The type of rain where you don’t think you’re getting wet until it’s too late and you’re soaked through.

Along one of the dykes today

I was still cycling along the coast today, and there were a couple of huge dykes I had to cycle over. But with a strong tailwind, I flew over them. I also had a ferry to catch, which only cost one euro. And it was a proper roro ferry, not some small thing. I always think that in the UK, we get ripped off with this sort of thing. I had to go on a ferry yesterday and that only cost seven euros and it was a good thirty-minute crossing.

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