Travelsonabike2 Netherlands Thursday 13th-June-2024

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is bicycle touring in the Netherlands on Thursday, the 13th-June-2024. De Haan, Belgium to Ellemeet, Netherlands. 61 miles. Well, I’ve made it to the Netherlands. Now what? Oh yes, I’ve got to come back to England for a hospital appointment.

Bloody last night. The campsite I was on had plenty of room. But some other cyclist decided to pitch his tent right next to mine. Hey, ho, that’s fine. It’s up to him. But he could have put it somewhere else. I said hello to him, but he just grunted.

It was getting late, or at least it was gone nine o’clock, and instead of pitching his tent, he sat talking on his phone. No major problem, but surely you’re better off setting up camp first. After half an hour, he stopped talking and set his tent up. Great, I thought a bit of peace. No, he was back on his phone for another half hour or so.

Settle Down Man

It was now gone ten o’clock, and maybe now he would settle down for the night. Not a chance, he now started rummaging through his bags, which for some reason were really noisy. I eventually dosed off, only to be woken at 1 am by his snoring! I coughed loudly, which made him stop for a minute or two. But then he started again. This went on most of the night. I’d dose off for a bit only to be woken again by his snoring.

Needless to say, I wasn’t quiet when I got up at five. Although it didn’t seem to make much difference, he’d stop snoring for a while, then start back up.

Pretty tree-lined street in Middleburg

Despite a bad night, It’s been a pleasant ride following the coast cycling in the sand dunes. They were paved; I wasn’t cycling in the actual dunes. And I’ve also had to cross several sea defence barriers.

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