Travelsonabike2 England Saturday 30th-September-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the UK on Saturday, 30th-September-2023. Brockenhurst to Adgestone on the Isle of Wight. 46 miles. I couldn’t stay at Hollands Wood anymore. They’ve now closed for the season. So I had to move on. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days. I seemed to get to know loads of people. I also met the new managers and found out that the site will open earlier than normal next year. It opens in March before Easter.

Late start today or rather late leaving camp; I was too busy talking. And even when I left camp, I kept dithering, taking photos, and wondering which way to go. I thought I’d go a different route through the forest than the one I usually take. It turned out it wasn’t different after all. I guess I’ve just been to the New Forest too many times.

I lucked in with the ferry to the Isle of Wight. After buying my ticket, I was straight onto the ferry and first in the queue at the cafe. I thought I’d better have some lunch, seeing as I don’t want to cook on my new stove. Purely because I find it very unsteady, and we all know Clumsy Garry is bound to knock it over.

The Isle of Wight ferry

The ride across the island was painful. The cycle path in places was awful. It definitely didn’t do my back or neck any good. I ended up with a thumping headache and bad tinnitus, which have both been pretty good on this trip. But then, I suppose it does make sense if I’ve got a narrowing of the spinal canal. The nerves and spinal cord don’t have much room to move and were probably bashing on the sides. Best I stick to smooth roads in future.

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