Travelsonabike2 Kazakhstan This Day 18th-August-2012

This week’s Travelsonabike2, on this day post, comes from the 18th-August-2012, and I’ve just arrived in Kazakhstan after an uncomfortable night on the Caspian Sea.

Saturday, 18th August 2012, in Aktau, Kazakhstan.

Yay, Kazakhstan, country number twenty-two. Thankfully I didn’t have to sleep down on the deck with my bike. (Although I might have had a better night’s sleep had I done so.) I found a comfortable settee in the communal lounge and managed to get my head down there. Unfortunately, the ship’s crew kept coming in and putting badly dubbed DVDs on. Until at least until 2 am!

Sign on boat
Onboard the good ship Shahdag

Despite the crew’s best effort to get me up, I sort of slept until nearly eight o’clock. The crew kept coming in, making a noise and then going back out when I didn’t stir. I knew they were trying to get me up because they were in the room as soon as I did get up playing their poorly dubbed American DVDs!

I spent the day watching DVDs and playing table tennis with the crew. And going for walks around the boat, which took all of five minutes!

After nearly twenty-eight hours at sea, we docked in Aktau at about 5.30 pm. Once docked, we had to wait for customs to board, which took forever. After the customs officers had inspected the boat and everybody on it, I thought we would finally get off! But no, we still had to wait. The process must have taken at least two hours, although it felt much longer. They eventually let us off, and I had to pass through customs. The same people who had just inspected my passport on the boat were now at the border! And they still took their time looking through my passport. But at least they’ve let me in.

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