Travelsonabike2 England Thursday 12th-October-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring England on Thursday, 12th-October-2023. Waltham Cross to London Victoria. Train to Portsmouth, then Portsmouth to Bognor Regis by bike. 48 miles. It’s a little bit of a bizarre route, but it was a wet and misty morning in London. Certainly not the weather for taking photos, so I decided to get the train to Portsmouth to drag the day out more. And make it more of a ride.

Had the weather been better, I would have explored or rather cycled around London a little more. Especially as I found myself in Alexander Park, somewhere I’ve never been, which may have been worth a look. But as I said, the weather wasn’t great. I then cycled up Muswell Hill (which wasn’t easy). I’m sure I didn’t need to. But that was the route my phone took me. Again, had the weather been better, I may have found an alternative way. But I was just grateful that I could use the navigation app on my phone in the rain. I also detoured via Camden Town. I’ve not been there for a few years. But again, the weather wasn’t playing ball, so I only stopped briefly. (see header image)

Passepartout by the Thames yesterday

It was still damp and misty when I reached the railway station in London. That’s when I decided to get the train to Portsmouth rather than to Bognor. The weather was a little brighter, plus I’d have the wind behind me on the ride home.

The ride home from Portsmouth was non-eventful and pretty fast, with a nice tailwind as expected. You might wonder why I didn’t cycle home from London. Well, there’s a few reasons: 1. I’d be cycling against the wind. 2. It’s not a particularly pleasant ride. 3. There are one or two hills. And 4 I couldn’t be bothered!

It’s been another enjoyable few days away, and I’ve enjoyed cycling places I’ve not cycled recently or ever for much of it. It’ll definitely be a few weeks before I go anywhere, as I have some hospital appointments. Plus, I’m on cat-sitting duties for the next fortnight. Two hundred twenty-seven miles cycled in the last few days.

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