Travelsonabike2 Tuesday 18th-July-2023

Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Europe Tuesday, 18th-July-2023. Dieppe to O-de-Selle. 56 miles, according to Google that is. I have tried to fix my speedo. But to no avail. So I’ll just have to rely on Google for the rest of the trip.

And there I was moaning about how dark it was in the morning yesterday. It’s even darker in France. With that one-hour difference. It was a damp night, the tent was soaking wet this morning. But at least it wasn’t foggy as it so often is here in France.

Last night’s campsite something flowers. I’d stayed at it before, back in 2008 when I was on my Bilbao to Bognor bike ride. It was a municipal campsite then and hardly cost anything. Now it’s a private campsite and pretty pricey. It cost me €20 as opposed to €11 tonight. And for that twenty euros, there’s no bog roll and no seats on the toilets! A lot of the campsites over here are like that. It’s very annoying.

Speaking of last night’s campsite. I’d set up camp and was just eating supper when a young girl, in her early twenties perhaps turned up. Not in a car, camper van or bicycle, but pushing a pushchair with a very young baby. She was carrying her gear on her back and on the pushchair. At first, I thought it was a little strange. And to be honest I still do. But good on her. A young baby, camping and arriving on foot. It’s hard enough looking after a baby at the best of times.

Château d’Arques La Bataille

It’s been an enjoyable ride today. My sort of cycling, straight down the main road. None of the phaffing about on country lanes. Constantly having to stop and look at the phone. To make sure it’s the right road. I did start the day on the Avenue Verte, which was nice. Especially as it was only for twenty-odd miles.

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