Travelsonabike2 Tuesday 20th-June-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the UK Tuesday, 20th-June-2023. Bognor Regis to Brockenhurst. 60 miles. Yay, I’ve managed to get away, although somehow, I don’t think I’ll be going too far!
I had wanted to head up towards Scandinavia, but to be honest, I’ve not been feeling too good. I’ve got a permanent headache, which varies in intensity depending on what I do. And I’m constantly feeling worn out. I even had to have a laydown after loading my bike this morning! Unfortunately, these are both symptoms of this stupid Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) that I now have.

There seems to be a lot of ponies, which is good

All being well, I hope to stay out on my bike until next week when I have to return home for a hospital appointment. My thinking at the moment is that I’ll visit some of my regular campsites. That’s assuming, health issues aside, that I don’t get bored!
The ride down to the New Forest wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I thought I may have struggled a bit and ended up in a lot of pain. I cycled to Portsmouth and back at the weekend and found it hard going. I was in so much pain when I got home I had to take some morphine. But I’ve increased my other tablets now, which hopefully will be enough.
I think I might head down to Swanage tomorrow. I’ve not been that way for a while. Hopefully, the chain link is running now. It wasn’t earlier in the year.
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