Travelsonabike2 Wednesday 19th-July-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Europe Wednesday, 19th-July-2023. O-de-Selle to Tergnier. 50 miles by Google. I really do need to concentrate a bit more. I’ve spent the majority of the day heading in the wrong direction! Well not entirely in the wrong direction, I was just heading further north than I had to.

I think what happened is that originally I was heading for the first world war memorial at Thiepval, just north of Amiens. But then this morning I decided to give it a miss. But still headed for Saint-Quentin, which would have been the next major city to aim for after Thiepval. It all sounds a little confusing, which it was for me. But it’s all good now and we’re back to more or less where we should be. Had there been a headwind instead of the nice tailwind today. I probably would have realised my mistake earlier, but I was quite happy being blown along.

Last night’s campsite had 88 children there on summer camp. And guess what idiot pitched his tent next to them. They were still making a racket at gone 11 o’clock, although at 11.15 I think they were told to shut up and go to sleep, which fair dues to them they did. Tonight’s campsite looks even worse. I saw hundreds of students as I cycled in. But thankfully they’re a bit further away from me tonight.

The cathedral in Ailly-sur-Noye

Haha, I can hear them singing Queen’s “we will rock you”. But that’s the only words they know. All I can hear is “We will, we will rock you. La la la la la la, we will, we will rock you!” And so on. I hope it doesn’t go on for too much longer or I’ll have to go and teach them the words.

Turbines And Wheat

Much of the scenery today has been fields full of golden wheat, just waiting to be harvested and wind turbines. With the odd spattering of greenery or a field full of sunflowers. The only real traffic on the roads today has been combine harvesters and tractors, gathering in the wheat while the weather is good.

Speaking of the weather I thought I was going to get some rain this morning. It was very black behind me and I could see that it was raining in the distance. Luckily though I managed to stay ahead of it and only had the odd spot.

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