Travelsonabike2 Wednesday 26th-July-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Europe Wednesday, 26th-July-2023. Ghent, Belgium to Achtmaal in the Netherlands. 59 miles. I was up nice and early and in the Ghent city centre at just after seven this morning. Blimey it looked like a war zone. There was rubbish and glass everywhere. It was the end of the Ghent festival, which takes over the entire city centre for ten days.

Apart from all the carnage and the half-dismantled stages that seemed to be everywhere, it looked like a very pretty city. Which probably meant it would be busy later in the day. After taking a few photos and avoiding the glass I left.

After Ghent, I headed for Antwerp, which was an easy flat ride following the main railway line. The cycle route was literally alongside it, all the way, apart from when I arrived on the outskirts of Ghent. It got a little confusing then. Mainly because of roadworks, but also because the cycle route went underground, under the river. And to reach it involved a lift. It took me a while to work that one out. We just don’t have anything like it in the UK.

The Grote Markt Antwerp

Antwerp City was extremely busy. It may have been a bit busier than normal as there was a cruise ship docked in the harbour. But it still looked like a pretty city.

I’ve decided to head for Amsterdam rather than going direct to Rotterdam. I’ve still got a week before I have to be home. I did try and find alternatives and even thought of heading back to France. But I go to France frequently so decided to stick to my original plan and go to the Netherlands.

I’ve found a great little campsite tonight. With a bar and restaurant. The bar has 130 different beers! And they all seem rather strong. I might be here tomorrow night.

Oh yes, while I remember. Cuts 4 bruises 0, grazes 1. A bench I went to stop at collapsed when I put my foot on it to get off my bike. (I think it was already broken, and nothing to do with my weight!) I was then stuck still on my bike with the bench leaning over. The more I pushed on the bench the more it tipped. I couldn’t put my leg down on the ground as it was trapped between the bike and the bench. Eventually, I managed to balance the bench just enough so I could get upright again. Hence the graze on my leg.

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