Travelsonabike2 YouTube Video 14th-July-2023

Episode 3 of Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 Uk cycle touring Video, which was posted on his YouTube channel on the 14th-July-2023. Garry’s made it to Bath for his family reunion. But before meeting them all, he takes a little ride around the city to get a few photos for the website, which is more challenging than he’d expected. The ride doesn’t last long after strong winds and heavy rain sweep in.

It was a good day not to be cycling and to spend it in a restaurant, with the strong winds and heavy rain outside. It was an enjoyable afternoon, eating, drinking and catching up with his family. On his way back to his tent, Garry has an equipment failure.

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Travelsonabike2 YouTube Video 14th-July-2023 (UK Cycle Touring July 2023 Episode 3)

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