Travelsonabike2 YouTube Video 18th-October-2023

Garry McGivern’s Travelsonabike2 October 12 2023 YouTube video, which was posted on his YouTube channel on the 18th-October-2023. It’s a dark start to the day, and not in a disturbing way; the sun’s not come up yet, and Garry hasn’t worked out how to film when there’s no daylight. Things don’t improve when the sun comes up, or rather it doesn’t. It’s a wet day.

The rain doesn’t ease off as Garry leaves camp and cycles through London. The bad weather seems to put Garry in a bad mood as he gets annoyed with some driver. But it doesn’t stop him from going on a detour to Camden. And he’s not really in a bad mood. Well, no more than usual! As there seems to be no let-up with the rain, Garry hops on a train but doesn’t head home. He’s off on a detour.

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3 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 YouTube Video 18th-October-2023”

  1. Yes, it certainly does, Garry…especially since we were in London because we went to so many more places after that.

  2. Garry, Camden Lock was where Hans and I were the day you contacted me about the cousin catch-up in Bath. We got there on a canal boat from Little Venice, looked around the Camden Markets, had a bite to eat and went back to North Greenwich where we were staying, on the tube.

    1. Camden is great, and it’s always nice to wander around the markets and enjoy some of the street food. I bet it feels like a lifetime ago to you now you’re back home.

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