Travelsonabike2 YouTube Video 23rd-August-2023

Episode 12 of Garry McGivern’s Travelsonabike2 the Low Countries Bicycle Tour Video, which was posted on his YouTube channel on the 23rd-August-2023. The twelfth video from Garry’s recent ride in Europe, which he recorded on the 29th of July. More observations and comments from Garry as he continues his bike ride around the Low Countries.

Garry’s on the road nice and early before it’s meant to rain. And he’s off into the centre of Amsterdam to take some photos, which you can see on his Flickr page. It paid off getting into the centre of Amsterdam before the crowds; the streets were pretty quiet. And just as Garry goes to leave, the rain starts.

It’s a tough ride as Garry heads south towards the Hook of Holland and surprises himself with how far he gets. The Low Countries Tour book is available to buy from Amazon. Available on Kindle or in paperback.

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Travelsonabike2 YouTube Video 23rd-August-2023

(Cycle Touring The Low Countries Episode 12)

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