Tuesday 10 March. Bognor to Gravesend via London by train. 33 miles

Got my hydrotherapy appointment over with yesterday (which was the reason for returning home on Saturday) I quite enjoy the hydrotherapy as I feel it is really doing me some good but it’s only once a week so I’ve come away again and I’m now in Gravesend. I got the train back up to London from Bognor this morning. The train ride was fine up until Horsham when a woman got on with her baby which in itself is fine, trouble was this woman obviously felt that she had to constantly talk to the baby in that stupid way that some people do, ie; “look at the little doggy woggy or let’s take a selfie welfie and send it to daddy waddy!” It was a running commentary on everything she done or somebody else done! Drove me made, fair enough talking to the baby but talk properly! Definitely had my grumpy old man head then! Luckily she was only on there for a few stops. Things didn’t get much better once I was in London the traffic was a nightmare as there was a few road closures in place and because I’m so wide (the bike that is) I can’t just ride in between the traffic so I gave up and got on the pavement and pushed it which was significantly faster! Mind you once I was able to ride I had my normal difficulty of finding my way out! Eventually I found the right road although I’m not as far as I wanted to be but then I do seem to be struggling quite a bit on this ride!

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