Tuesday 10th April 2012 – Port Augusta to Crystal Brook.

Port Augusta to Crystal Brook. 72 miles

Very windy again today and I knew I’d be heading into it, but I knew I wasn’t going that far so it wouldn’t be too bad!

Left the campsite and was heading up the road, as I came to a crossroads with traffic lights I could see a police car waiting at the red light on the side road. Now bearing in mind that I still don’t have a helmet and it’s illegal to ride without one, I thinking what do I do, I know I’ll slow down and hopefully the lights will change and they’ll go, bit late for that I was already more or less on top of the lights! So I just had to go for it, which I did and pretended that I was looking at something in the opposite direction to them so I didn’t make eye contact! After getting over the lights and past the police I saw a Mcdonalds so went and hid in there, thought I could check my emails at the same time. The police car only pulled into the car park, that’s it I thought another fine and I’ll have to wait until the shops open to buy a helmet which would be more annoying! In walked one of the police men I tried to keep a low profile but in a bright illuminous top it’s not easy! In the end he just ordered two coffees and left.

Passed several police cars throughout the day that passed me, all I kept doing was looking the other way in the hope that they wouldn’t stop me. I wasn’t enjoying all this ducking and diving and just wanted to get to my destination and buy a helmet so I could relax instead of being on edge all the time!

Me in my shiny new helmet

My luck finally run out or maybe I got lucky, riding up a hill I heard this short blast of siren which made me jump then an attic went past and thought it was him, then it went again, this time I turned around and there was a police car following me and was telling me to pull over, which I obviously did I wasn’t going to out run them was I! Don’t think that they could quite believe that I’d ridden from Perth without a helmet, I explained that I’d been trying to buy one for a while now, but what with being on the Nullabor, where there aren’t any shops and then the Easter weekend there hasn’t been anywhere to buy one, but I was hoping to finish early enough tonight to be able to buy one. Off they went for a confab to decide what to do, on there return I was given 3 options walk onto my destination which was about 10km away but there was no shop there to buy a helmet, walk back to the last town which I bypassed where there was a bike shop, but it was 15km, or they would drive me back so I could get a helmet and then drop me back at my bike as they couldn’t get that in the car surprisingly! Didn’t like the idea of leaving my bike in the middle of nowhere next to the road but I didn’t have a choice I certainly didn’t fancy walking and they wouldn’t let me ride! I stashed the bike behind a bush locked it and off we went to get a helmet. At least I can ride along tomorrow and not have to worry about being stopped by the police!

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