Bike-Ride To Australia 10th-January 2012

Bike-Ride To Australia Tuesday 10th-January 2012 Kunming. They call Kunming the spring city because of its climate. Not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. They never said anything about it being windy here. It’s been quite windy every day so far. That may be because Kunming is on a plateau at 1900m. It’ll be all downhill tomorrow when I leave then!

I went to the zoo today. I can’t say I really enjoyed it, though. All the animals were in cages and looked so bored, pacing up and down on concrete floors. And other visitors, who were Chinese, I assume, were just throwing them whatever food they had! Especially to the monkeys, which I saw running around in the wild a fortnight ago! I also went to a park, with a big lake with hundreds of seagulls. A very popular place with women sitting around knitting. Men playing mah-jong and loads of people doing that slow dancing/exercise to music that they all do.

Men sitting around playing a board game
I was going to ask to join in!

While out today, I went into a Carrefour supermarket. A bit of a surprise, but there are a few western shops here. As I wandered around looking for snacks to take tomorrow, I couldn’t, but help notice the fresh fish counter. The fish are swimming around in big water butts! And you have to catch it yourself!

I loaded my bike up tonight, all bar a few odd things like toiletries and my phone charger, so I’ll be all ready to start riding first thing tomorrow morning. It’ll be good to be on my way once again, but after more than ten days of not riding, it could be hard work!

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