Tuesday 11th September 2012 in Aktobe

Decided to stay another night in Aktobe as I didn’t get everything done I wanted to yesterday, done most of it, but still needed to give the bike a clean after all the dust of the past week, I was probably carrying an extra 20lbs in weight I’m not even sure how the chain was still going round it was so caked up with muck!

After breakfast I went down to reception to get my bike out, saying I was off to get it cleaned, to which the very helpful girl from yesterday said, it’s been done! Sorry I said, she said that I’d mentioned to the bell boy that I needed to get it cleaned, so he’d sorted it out for me and got it cleaned! The chain still needed cleaning properly which was fine and I had my note from the girl on reception to cover that. Off I set with the note and map that she’d given me, I found the place relatively easy, went in, tried to explain what I wanted but they didn’t understand, so I just handed over the note and immediately got a response and somebody started to clean it! When they’d finished I asked how much and they said nothing and wouldn’t take anything at all!

That was it then nothing else I needed to do, done a bit of sightseeing then went to the bar and that’s where I stayed for the rest of the day, it’s what I do best!

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