Tuesday 13th March 2012 – Lamongan to Problinggo

Lamongan to Problinggo. 115 miles

Another good ride today, hopefully I’m on target to get to Bali Thursday night.

Seem to have got into a bit of a habit of not stopping at all in the day, only to get water and drinks, which is pretty good in one respect, as I cover loads of miles and finish at a reasonable time. The down side is, I’m starving and knackered when I stop! (It has been easy riding I must say, if it was hilly there’s no way I could do it)

Found a nice sort of western style restaurant tonight and ordered the T bone steak and french fries, well the there was about 10 chips and as for the steak, Tesco’s wafer thin ham is thicker! I know the cows over here are a bit lean, but really! It all tasted very nice what there was of it though, had to order chicken and chips after to try and fill myself up, want to try and do over a 120 miles tomorrow to get to the town where I get the ferry to Bali. In theory that then only leaves me 60 or so miles to do on Thursday to get to Denpasar, where I fly from. As long as it stays flat which I’m not so sure it will!

Noticed how early it starts to get dark tonight, need to move the clocks on again soon, which I will do once I get to Australia.

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