Tuesday 14th May. St-Malo to Genets. 55 miles.

Well that was a hard ride today! There’s been a strong headwind all day, well apart from maybe the last 10-miles! But it’s still been an enjoyable day.

Cycle route sign
The route I’ve been following today

I would say it was nice to cycle somewhere different, but it wasn’t! Well it was, but it wasn’t different, I’ve done this route quite a few times over the years! But it has been a couple of years since I last cycled this way, so in that respect it was very good!

Man and trees
Along the tree lined cycle paths

I’ve decided that I’m going to stick to the coast and follow it up to Cherbourg, then continue along the coast for as long as I can! I might even make it up as far as Calais!

2 Replies to “Tuesday 14th May. St-Malo to Genets. 55 miles.”

  1. Well how many people have done that? That coastal route is a good idea – enjoy it. Even on the Isle of Wight we are getting these late winds – they are annoying. And are you camping at night? I can’t access the comments so I don’t know what your followers are saying. Just as well!

    1. I always enjoy the coast. I saw the forecast and saw that it was the same back home! More strong easterly winds tomorrow I think! Yep, I’m camping, it’s so much easier and cheaper!

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