Bike-Ride To Australia-And-Beyond 15th-May-2012

Bike-Ride To Australia-And-Beyond Tuesday 15th-May-2012. Brisbane, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand by plane. I said goodbye to Errol at breakfast this morning as he had to work today, which left just Zoe and me. The day seemed to fly past, and before I knew it, it was time to head off to the airport.

Bicycle by road
On the Nullarbor

But before leaving, I had to say goodbye to the animals! Particularly Molly, the dog, who followed me around everywhere. In the end, that was. It was a completely different story when I arrived ten days ago. She just sat there growling at me then.

We arrived at the airport, and I checked my bike and bag in, which went smoothly enough. Although I’m still nervous that my bike won’t make it to America, especially as I change planes in Auckland! But there’s nothing I can do about it now. I just hope I see it tomorrow when I land in the US. With my bags checked in, Zoe and I went for one last coffee before I went through security and customs. I must admit that I’m a bit sad to be leaving. I’ve been so focused on getting to Australia for so long, and now it’s all over!

Thanks to Zoe and Errol for putting me up and being excellent hosts. And thanks to them for organising some lovely family meals. It was lovely to meet the Australian side of the family. Many of whom I’d never met. And thanks to them for all their help and support. Hopefully, I should see Zoe and Errol later in the year or early next year when they come to the UK if I’m home by then!!

On To The Next Part Of My Adventure

There was a bit of a delay in my departure. The plane was all loaded and ready to taxi out to the runway when one of the ground vehicles broke down, spilling diesel. The ground staff soon cleared the spill up, and we were only delayed by half an hour in the end.

We made the time up and landed in Auckland only eight minutes late. I made my way through Auckland airport and am currently sitting waiting to board my flight to San Francisco. I hope my bikes made it! Can I say I’ve been to New Zealand now?

Next stop, the USA!

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