Tuesday 15th May 2012 – Brisbane to Auckland, New Zealand

Said farewell to the animals this morning, think I’d made a new friend in Molly the dog as she was following me around everywhere at the end, which is in complete contrast to when I arrived, she just growled at me then! Also said goodbye to Errol as he was off to work, it was just Zoe and I that went to the airport.

Check in at the airport was fine despite my normal nerves about the bike! Had one last coffee with Zoe before heading through to the gate.

Hopefully I should see Zoe and Errol later in the year or early next year when they come to the UK, if I’m home by then!!

The plane was all loaded and ready to taxi out to the runway when one of the loading vehicles on the ground broke down and spilt diesel just behind our plane which caused a half hour delay which wasn’t too bad at all.

Landed in Auckland about eight minutes late. Made my way through to the connecting flight to San Francisco without any problems.

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