Tuesday 15th October. Strasbourg to Speyer. 86 Miles.

Nice early finish today, not! I had it in my head that I would stop early today, so come 4 o’clock as I passed through Germershiem I spotted a campsite, which as it turned out wasn’t a campsite at all!

Cathedral in the sun
Strasbourg cathedral

Not a problem as I wasn’t expecting to camp tonight anyway, and I knew that there was some hotels in Germershiem I’ll just go and check into one of those!

Glass covered building
The European Parliament

Not a chance, they were all full, although I did have my doubts on some of them, I just don’t think they could be bothered!

Anyway the long and short of it all is, that I ended up in Speyer another 10 miles down the road. Unfortunately all the hotels here were also fully booked! But thanks to the two very nice girls on the reception of the last hotel I tried, they found me a room, or rather an apartment!

Spotted this pretty sunflower

Apparently Tuesday and Wednesday are not very good for finding accommodation, all the hotels are booked up with business people, according to the owner of my apartment, I’ll have to bare that in mind tomorrow!

Seeing as I’ve got my own place tonight I thought I’d cook, and went out and brought something very simple pizza and chips!

Country sign
I’m now in Germany

Good idea, not! I get back to the apartment, only to find theres no oven! I’m currently trying to cook a pizza in a frying pan, and oven chips in a saucepan on the hob!

All in all a rather stressful end to the day!

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  1. One thing about the French – they’re not snobs. The world is full up. If only they’d stop copulating. Strasbourg looks some city. I’ll bet the air was blue in that apartment. I can now get your books on kindle for free he! he!

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