Tuesday 16 September. John O’Groats to Edinburgh, by train.

Short ride this morning from John O’Groats to Thurso to try and get a train home. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a train from there as there was no room for my bike (you have to book the bike on as well) so she suggested I get a train to Inverness as there would be a better choice of routes to London. I sat on the train with a man called Ian who I’d briefly spoken to last night at the hotel, he’d cycled the Lands End to John O’Groats as had most of the other people in the hotel. Funny seeing all these different people in various states of exhaustion or not but all very pleased and proud that they’d made it and so they should be! Arrived in Inverness after a 4 hour train ride and said goodbye to Ian he was going to Preston and had pre-booked his journey home before he’d even started in fact he’d booked everywhere that he stopped at on route, which he did say he regretted and probably wouldn’t do it that way again! I went into the ticket office to enquire about getting to London and after several attempts she found a route for me, the problem being the bike once again! I had another 4 hour journey to Edinburgh then an hour and half wait before I could get the night sleeper to Euston London hopefully arriving at about 6.45am.

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