Tuesday 16th July. Carrigtohill to Killarney. 63 miles.

Well I suppose it had to happen at some point, after all I am in Ireland, rain!

I can’t really complain though it was only for about an hour first thing this morning!

House water
House beside the Inishcarra Reservoir

I’d got up at 5.30 and had just had my normal breakfast of noodles when it started, so rather than pack away in the rain I waited it out. The forecast said it was due to stop around 8 o’clock which was fine with me, I’ll send Brooks saddles an email while I wait.

Road mountains
The Derrynasaggart Mountains

The rain didn’t last long and I was on the road before 8, I just packed the tent away wet.

Pasta in a saucepan
Tonight’s supper

I didn’t feel particularly good in the middle part of the day for some reason, but after pushing on I started to feel a lot better and am feeling fine tonight. I think it was that scone I had yesterday!!

2 Replies to “Tuesday 16th July. Carrigtohill to Killarney. 63 miles.”

  1. By Killarney’s lakes and fells” 63 Miles! that’s my three day quota. Those castles spoil the landscape. Good meal suggestion. Have you tried the family pubs? Brooks will send out a special courier to fix your saddle. He! he!

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