Tuesday 17th April 2012 – Hay to Darlington Point.

Hay to Darlington Point. 75 miles.

Started the day off with another puncture, don’t think that front tyre will make it to Sydney, well not without giving me loads of punctures!

Didn’t get quite as far as I wanted to today the wind was against me.

Think the dry season must have finished, I remember seeing signs saying no burning from some date in November until some date in April. It’s Obviously up now and farmers are allowed to burn their fields as there’s been loads of smoke around, not actually seen any fields burning, but I’ve seen huge plumes of smoke going up in the air.

Camped by a river tonight, hope there’s no crocodiles! Plenty of noise from the birds, well there was then all of a sudden they stopped just like somebody had pressed the mute button, perhaps they’ve seen the crocodile!

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