Tuesday 19th May. La Chullera to Tarifa. 61 miles.

Well I managed to stay dry last night and didn’t wake up on a water bed again! Although I can’t say I slept that well as I was a little worried that I might get wet again, mind you it would have been pretty hard really as I’d put a great big rock on the tent to make sure it didn’t move in the night! Come 4am the sprinklers went off right on cue, of course after that I fell soundly asleep for an hour or so before it was time to get up again! It’s been tough going today there’s been a really strong wind making cycle very difficult A; because I’ve cycling against it and B; because of the way it was gusting it kept blowing me all over the road which wasn’t very pleasant on the busy roads when your already restricted for space! I was glad to finish! Went on a fairly big detour to Gibraltar purely just so I could say I’d been there! It’s an extremely busy place with thousands of tourists and long cues at the border I just cycled down the side of the cars and went straight across the border without being asked for my passport, but they did on the way out, the Spanish border guard was a rather grumpy sod and had a go at me for being in the wrong lane despite no other traffic being there! On the rock I just done a quick circuit around the perimeter of the island I didn’t go up to the top to see the monkeys, however I did see one at a scrapyard but I quickly rode on as I didn’t want to attract his attention just in case he started to pull bits off my bike! Photo; Gibraltar.

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