Bike-Ride To Australia 1st-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 1st-November 2011 Seclin to le Nouvion 71 miles. Cold start to the day, I’ve had to put gloves and fleece on. I didn’t get off to the best of starts this morning either! As I cycled out of the hotel, a car approached me, on my side of the road! As it got nearer, they began tooting and flashing their lights. What the hell is this idiot doing? I thought to myself! He must be a foreigner! Then as I approached a roundabout, it dawned on me! It was me who was the foreigner on the wrong side of the road! Once back on the right side of the road! Things didn’t get much better, I’ve had a strong headwind all day, and it started to rain at around lunchtime.

That’s It

By about 4 o’clock, I’d had enough and stopped off at the first place I came across an Auberge, which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere! I asked if there was a restaurant nearby or somewhere to get something to eat. I wasn’t expecting to stop so soon and hadn’t bought anything for supper. Yes, here in the Auberg was the reply, but unfortunately, we’re going out for the night! There is a supermarket a few km’s down the road, though. Thank you, I said. I’ll see how I get on after a shower thinking I can’t be bothered to get back on the bike today! I’ll just have another night of hotel camping, but without food! Although that’s not strictly true, I always carry some basic provisions in my panniers. So I can always have pasta or noodles.

After my shower, I was just about to start getting my cooker out when the landlady came back. She’d only cooked me a three-course meal served with some beer! I couldn’t thank her enough and asked how much I owed her. Nothing, think of it as a donation to your ride. Just enjoy your meal. I’m sorry it’s not anymore! Just leave everything on the side along with your key in the morning! Not much! There were cheeses, cold meats, bread and coq au van!

What a lovely lady, I might not bother camping and just stay in Auberges from now on!

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