Travelsonabike2 Croatia Tuesday 1st-October-2013

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Croatia on Tuesday, 1st-October-2013. Trieste, Italy, to Bakar in Croatia. 62 miles. The weather’s been a lot better today! It’s still windy, but at least the sun’s been out! I also crossed into Slovenia, my fifth country, which soon came and went. I’m now in Croatia.Country sign

Coming out of Trieste and cycling up to the Slovenian border this morning was a hard slog! It was uphill all the way! And I never stopped climbing until I reached Croatia!

On entering Slovenia, the first thing I noticed was the hog roasts. Outside every restaurant, there was a pig roasting on a spit! The smell was unbelievable, and it didn’t take long before I had to stop and try some! I wasn’t disappointed. It was delicious, served with roast potatoes and plenty of crispy crackling! As much as I would have loved to stay in Slovenia and sample some more hog roasts, I had to get on.

Hog roast
One of the many suckling pigs

I reached the Slovenian/Croatian border at around 2 pm. That must be the quickest time I’ve ever cycled across an entire country! I’m not too sure about Croatian drivers. They all seem to drive rather close!

I had a nice downhill ride into Rijeka at the end of the day, which I’ll probably pay for tomorrow morning. But I’ll worry about that then. I’m not staying in Rijeka; I never saw any hotels. I’m just down the coast.

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