Tuesday 1st October 2013 – Trieste to Bakar, Croatia.

Trieste to Bakar, Croatia. 62 miles.

It was still very windy this morning but the sun was shining and there was no rain forecast!
Getting out of Trieste wasn’t that easy it was up hill all the way to the Slovenian border and then still continued up hill all the way across Slovenia up to the border with Croatia!
When I crossed into Slovenia the first thing I noticed was that there were hogs roasting on spits outside every restaurant. Knowing that I wasn’t going to be in Slovenia for long I decided to stop for lunch at one of these restaurants and try the hog roast! I wasn’t disappointed it was lovely served with roast potatoes and plenty of crispy crackling!
Once I got to the Croatian border it was down hill all the way to Rijeka
Not to sure about Creation drivers they tend to come a bit close or they did in Rijeka anyway!

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