Tuesday 20th December 2011

Tue 20. Sambalpur to Barakot 77 miles

Not a very good nights sleep, there was an air con unit outside my window that made such a noise it kept waking me up and it wasn’t even for my room!

Went down to load my bike up as normal to find that they’d washed all the dust off for me which was nice of them, should make things a bit lighter! There was a lot of dust on it, mind you by the end of today you would never have known, it’s just so dry and dusty here.

Nice ride up through the Badrama wildlife sanctuary, saw a sign saying elephants crossing ahead but didn’t see any, only monkeys again, which is still cool!

Went to the chemists tonight to stock up on pain killers and my anti malaria tablets, only to find out that the tablets I’ve been taking for malaria aren’t for malaria at all! I’m sure they are or I hope they are anyway, not worried at the moment as I’m not in a malaria risk area. I’ll ask Helen who is a doctor when I meet up with them in Bangladesh.

Electricity is definitely a problem here in India, a few times I’ve had electric in the evening but by the morning there isn’t any. Haven’t even got any to start with tonight. The boy from the lodge I’m staying at came round with a candle. How romantic, must go and get a bottle of wine!

Went out for dinner with a local doctor who also said the tablets I’ve been taking aren’t anti malaria! He was saying about the truck drivers, how young they are many of them are only 13 or 14! And there is a big problem with drink driving amongst the lorry drivers especially at night, he’s quite often called out to attend road accidents at night because of drink.

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  1. Hi Garry, I met on the way from Sambalpur to Barkot through Badrama Sanctuary Forest. I took a photo with you which is post on the face book. Kindly see it. You give me your web address. you may contact me also on face book on the same e mail address or my name as mentioned above. I am very happy to find your web address and see to your photo.
    Really this is a adventures cycle ride from England to Australia. Blessing of God always with you. Really very very adventures……….

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