Bike-Ride To Australia 20th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Tuesday 20th-December 2011 Sambalpur to Barkote 77 miles. As predicted, I didn’t get much sleep last night, that bloody lift and air conditioning! When I went down to get my bike and set off for the day, I got a pleasant surprise! The hotel porter had washed my bike! That should make things a bit lighter! Although, by the end of today, you wouldn’t have known any difference!

I found myself cycling past the Badrama Wildlife Sanctuary today. I was hoping to see some elephants after passing a sign saying elephants crossing ahead. But alas and not surprising, there were none in sight! I saw plenty of monkeys again, which are still cool!

Arch over path
Entrance to the Badrama Wildlife Sanctuary

When I went to the chemists tonight to stock up on pain killers and anti-malaria tablets, the chemist told me the pills I’ve been taking for malaria aren’t for malaria at all! I’m pretty sure they are, but I decided just to keep quiet. I know their main function isn’t anti-malarial, but all the research I carried out said they guarded against malaria! Because of the different countries that I’ll pass through, malaria varies by country and the tablets I’m taking cover all of them. I hope!

Tonight’s hotel doesn’t have any electricity, which isn’t too much of a surprise! I often wake up to find the electricity has cut out! But at least I was given a candle! How romantic, I must go and get a bottle of wine! Hopefully, the electricity will come on overnight to charge my phone.

I went out for dinner with a local doctor tonight, who also said the tablets I’ve been taking aren’t anti-malarial! He was telling me about the truck drivers and how young they are. Many of them are only 13 or 14! And there is a big problem with drunk driving amongst the lorry drivers, especially at night. He’s regularly called out to attend road accidents at night because of drinking.

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  1. Hi Garry, I met on the way from Sambalpur to Barkot through Badrama Sanctuary Forest. I took a photo with you which is post on the face book. Kindly see it. You give me your web address. you may contact me also on face book on the same e mail address or my name as mentioned above. I am very happy to find your web address and see to your photo.
    Really this is a adventures cycle ride from England to Australia. Blessing of God always with you. Really very very adventures……….

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