Tuesday 21st August 2012 in Aktau

Managed to sort out my flight today, although it didn’t look too promising for a while! Decided to go to another travel agent this morning, the one I used yesterday wasn’t open! The girl in the travel agency filled out everything and booked my flight, I then had to go to another women who would take payment. That’s when it went wrong her credit card machine wouldn’t work either and she just said no and gave me back my card and paperwork, I started to plead with her to try again and put my saddest face on I could, it seemed to work, she made a phone call and a manager came out, told me to sit down and wait, after about 10 minutes she called me back to try again and it worked! I was so relieved I could now relax and move on!

Spent the afternoon playing on my website and watching some children play football!

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