Bike-Ride To Australia 22nd-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 22nd-November 2011. Parvomaj, Bulgaria to Edirne, Turkey 85 miles. Breakfast wasn’t until 8 o’clock this morning, so the hotel said they’d do me a breakfast to go. They needn’t have bothered. All I got was one ham sandwich! After such a filling breakfast, I felt greedy for stopping at a café!!

I had the fright of my life today! Cars and lorries were coming past me as normal, and nine times out of ten, I can tell the difference between them. This morning, I heard a lorry and moved closer to the kerb, as I usually do. I was just bracing myself for the inevitable backdraft as it passes when bang! One of the tyres blew, I nearly shat my pants! Luckily I have more than one pair!

Bulgarian Turkish border control
One of the many checkpoints at the Bulgarian Turkish border

Well, I’ve made it as far as Turkey, country number ten, which was a bit of a surprise! But going on my previous form about when I reach other countries, it’s not really surprising! There were plenty of checkpoints on the Bulgarian/Turkey border, certainly more than on any other I’ve crossed. Luckily they waved me through a couple of them.

It was a short but busy ride from the border to Erdine. And cycling up the main road into Edirne was very noisy! The speakers from the mosques were blasting out the call to prayer. And above in the sky, there were thousands of crows, cawing away! I can tell I’m getting closer to Asia!

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