Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Bulgarian Turkish border control
One of the many checkpoints at the Bulgarian Turkish border

Tues 22nd. Valkeral to Edirne Turkey 85 miles. Didn’t seem quite as cold this morning. Because I left the hotel before breakfast was being served, that wasn’t until 8 o’clock, they said they would do me a breakfast to go. One ham and cheese sandwich! So stopped off at another cafe, breakfasts always better after a couple of hours anyway. Not a very eventful day it was overcast for most of it, made it to Turkey today which I wasn’t expecting. There was so many different check points not too sure what they all where, luckily I got waved through some of them so I wasn’t queueing for as long as the cars. Riding up the main street in Edirne, it’s so busy, the speakers on the mosques were blaring out calling people for prayer, up above in the sky there was thousands of crows, quite a lot busier than it’s been on this trip, but I suppose I am nearly in Asia.

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