Travelsonabike2 England Tuesday 22nd-November-2016

Well that’s it, it’s all over and done with I’m now back at home in England!

Tribhuvan Highway
Part of the climb to Nepal from India

The flight was fine and we landed 15 minutes ahead of schedule, however there was no gate free for us so we had to sit on the plane and wait for that 15 minutes so nothing was really gained! Getting through passport control and baggage reclaim was very smooth and I was through and out of the airport very quickly. I walked in my door after being picked up by new son in law at about 6pm.

Garry McGivern meeting some school children at a school in Sagar
Meeting school children

The passage through Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi was also very smooth, and I was really impressed; in fact, I found it a lot better and smoother than Gatwick Airport in England.

Garry McGivern riding into the night
Some long days cycling
Lovely People

All the people that I’ve met have been so nice, friendly and helpful, as is the normal case no matter where I travel! As I’ve always said 99.99% of the people in the world are good, unfortunately, it’s that very small percentage that gets all the publicity! I’m also a great believer in the attitude that you portray you’ll get back!

Staff at the hotel Ganapati Palace in Dhule
Deepam and some of the staff that looked after me when I was ill in Dhule

The one thing that I certainly won’t miss is Indians behind the wheel of a vehicle! For such kind and lovely people, it’s hard to believe that it’s the same people, and I do think that I’ve had enough of their roads as the last few days cycling into Delhi and also whilst in Delhi, I definitely was Mr Grumpy with them and kept muttering under my breath, in fact sometimes it wasn’t under my breath I would just say things so they could hear and see I was a bit annoyed, not that it made any difference but it made me feel better!

Chatropati Shivaji railway station in Mumbai
Chatropati Shivaji railway station in Mumbai

I’ve really enjoyed my time in both India and Nepal despite all the ailments I seem to have had on the way: chest infection, sore bum and Delhi Belly! Also, the bad roads weren’t much fun some of the time! But in the end, everything was ok; It’s just all part of the adventure!

Diety on a building in Kathmandu
Some diety on a building in Kathmandu

Total miles covered: 2087.

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