Tuesday 22nd October. Harwich to Bognor Regis. 89 Miles.

Well I’d like to say that it’s good to be back in England, but it’s not!

Busy roads, with drivers that don’t have any patience, roads that are full of potholes! And worst of all the rubbish that litters the countryside is unbelievable! What’s the matter with people, do they not care anymore! I’m ashamed to call this country home!

Ditch with litter in it
There’s litter wherever you look

Well that’s the rant over with!

It was very cold this morning, in fact it’s not warmed up all day, I even had to get my gloves and fleece out!

The viaduct in Central park, Chelmsford

It wasn’t a particularly pleasant ride to start with, not until I reached Chelmsford, then things seemed to improve. The roads improved and so did the drivers! There was still rubbish everywhere though!

Cycling into London was really nice. By surprise I found a Greenway which took me all the way to the queen Elizabeth Olympic park.

The Greenway in the centre of London

I would have liked to cycle home tomorrow, but to find somewhere to stay in London tonight at short notice is ridiculously expensive!

So I took the easier and cheaper option by getting the train! Besides it not a particularly nice ride home from London anyway!

The Arcelor Mittal Orbit at the queen Elizabeth Olympic park

All in all it’s been a very enjoyable tour, and my fitness seems to have returned to pre-sepsis levels. It’s just a shame that I’ve now got to go back into hospital! But then now is obviously the right time, to give me the best chance of a speedy recovery!

Total miles of both legs of this tour 1766.

2 Replies to “Tuesday 22nd October. Harwich to Bognor Regis. 89 Miles.”

  1. Well done! If there were a club for world cyclists, no one would turn up. Rubbish! you’d think the Isle of Wight would be better. People are too lazy to put their refuse out on the kerbside. Those green routes look promising. Here’s till the next time. Fantastic mileage.

    1. Cheers Malcolm, thanks for all your comments.
      Rubbish is everywhere, nobody has any pride!
      Why they don’t let people doing community service, pick the litter up as they used to!
      Something against their human rights! What a load of rubbish, if you’ll pardon the pun!

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