Tuesday 23rd July. Londonderry to Ballymena. 57 Miles.

That nice tailwind I had yesterday, turned into a bastard of a headwind today! Its been one of those days, when I even had to peddle going downhill!

Bridge over water
The Peace bridge in Londonderry

Apart from the wind it’s been a nice ride, with a few big hills.

I realised today that I probably don’t have that many more days left here, and started thinking about returning home.

Man on road
Halfway up one of my climbs today

My original plan was to get a ferry from Rosslare to France, then France to England. That’s the shortest and easiest route for me!

But now I’m wondering about getting a ferry from Dublin to Liverpool, and cycling down to Birmingham to call in on Brooks saddles. Where I could hopefully get my saddle fixed!

Found a new friend today

As good as the saddle is that I’ve got, and I was very grateful to O’ Mahony cycles in Dungarvan for giving it to me, it’s no Brooks! And I’m now starting to get blisters on my blisters!

I’ll have a think over the next day or two!

2 Replies to “Tuesday 23rd July. Londonderry to Ballymena. 57 Miles.”

  1. Good decision! That was a tough ride. Perhaps Brooks will sponsor you. I follow you on google maps. I’ve got an upholstered saddle, but it wouldn’t be any good for touring.

    1. The Google map thing is pretty good, as long as I remember to do it!
      Touring is definitely best done with a Brooks, still haven’t decided if I’m going to the Brooks factory.

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